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Relaxed environment


The test center in midtown is very conveniently located to major subway lines and train stations. It is a quick walk from Penn Station if you're traveling into New York City to take the GMAT.

Definitely arrive early for your test. If testing in the morning, almost all test takers arrived before the testing center was open. Once they arrived, we all filed in, took numbers, and started the initial processing. Everyone was very friendly while passing out instructions, checking IDs and getting palm scans, and providing lockers for our belongings.

They provided us with a small set of earplugs and noise reduction/cancellation headphones for use during the test. I was the first one to enter the actual testing room, and I definitely needed the headphones because the door was quite loud opening and closing with each new person entering the room.

The bathroom is a long walk down the hallway, so exercise extreme caution if using a break to go to the restroom. Assuming nobody else is taking a break at the same time, you should be fine even with the long walk there and back.

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