April 28, 2016

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It has been a pleasure to work with my coach Melissa Jones. Thanks to her and her encouragements, I was able to transform my essays into a winning application. No stone is left unturned from the school selection, CV review, data application form, the countless essay reviews, the interview preparation and the final decision. Melissa (and Caroline my senior coach) were always readily available for a chat, it was especially useful when I had doubts regarding which schools I should apply to.

The interview preparation is one of the best feature : it takes the edge of the actual interview and helps you improve your weaknesses. I did very well on the interview I prepared with Fortuna and could feel the difference with the interview for another school I prepared on my own.

The access to Fortuna’s network of former admission directors and officers is invaluable when you have questions regarding other schools. This is a special strength of the Fortuna Admissions network. If you are applying to European business school, they may have a strong advantage over American admission companies, which are more US-focused.

I very enthusiastically recommend Melissa and Fortuna to any MBA applicant. I would not have made it without their support.

Don't hesitate to PM me if you have any question.

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