April 21, 2020

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I went for this course as I saw many positive reviews. However, it is not really good. I studied for 2 months using this app. Used to score 730 in its practice tests. But on actual test I scored 640. I don't know how that happened. It used to feel that the app is good but since it didn't give me the desired result I am giving it 1 star. Plus if you buy the program, be ready for annoying voiced videos with very bad grammar. The person speaking in the video will talk about a grammar concept but will not follow it in the next sentence he speaks.
I'm rating it 1 star but in preview it keeps showing all 5 stars.

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July 01, 2020


This is the first such review for us in a long, long time. We respect your point of view. However, in the interest of complete information to anyone reading this, we must respond and objectively share facts.

Regarding the difference in scores between our mocks and actual GMAT:
We spoke with you and you confirmed that the scores in our mocks were in great sync with scores on GMATPrep- the official mocks. You said your sentiment behind this review is- "I worked hard, I didn't get the score; I will give 1-star".
Plus, your scores were fluctuating a lot and you touched 730 only once. We tried encouraging you to consolidate your prep, give mocks under GMAT-like conditions, and give the test again.

Regarding incorrect grammar:
With all humility, we contest this allegation; please share examples. We do not claim that there cannot be an occasional, minor slip in 200+ hours of our video content but, sorry, "very bad grammar" means something else. A student long ago said something on these lines and when we inquired, it turned out that she was pointing at a sentence spoken in subjunctive mood; her contest was about why a plural verb was used for a singular subject in a sentence like "if it were..."; to her, it was a basic grammatical mistake but those who really understand grammar would appreciate the usage of the plural verb here, given the subjunctive nature of the information. It is likely that your misunderstanding is on similar lines; please share examples.

Regarding poor voice quality:
If you mean poor sound quality, technically- this is factually incorrect; each of 3000+ videos on our YouTube channel and 2000+ videos embedded in our software was duly tested for all technical parameters before making the cut; we continue this practice. Anybody reading this can randomly check any of our videos for voice quality, it is consistent everywhere.
If you mean you did not like the voice of a trainer- on a lighter note, we give a weeklong free trial; we encourage a user to try the course for all such preferences and more... :)

We have every student's best interest close to our hearts. As suggested earlier, we only mean good for you and if we can be any help at any stage, please reach us.

Best wishes.

July 05, 2020

Yes of course I have a "sentiment" attached to my opinion. You can't be serious that I give your course more stars even when it absolutely did not help me improve my score at all! Do you even know how hilarious that sounds! You guys want people to give you 5 stars even when it didn't help them at all!

I know why you guys had a bad review in a long long time. And that is exactly why I did not agree to take down my review even when you approached me and told me to do so. I want my "sentiment" and my "opinion" to be out there. Ultimately, you gave me my money back but the time and efforts that I put in your course could have been utilised in some other course that would have got me better results, and that you cannot return me.

You people were very clear from the start that it was a pre-recorded "purely on-demand program and doubt solving support is not a part of the offering" course and there was absolutely no "encouragement" from your end. I request you stop playing the victim here. There are no victims here. I took your course, couldn't improve my score, I rated it bad. That's it. By the way the person who wrote this seems to be one of those persons who when I sent in a math correction on one of your videos sent me an email saying that I should not complain and "when I disagree with something, I should ask myself 'what am I missing?' rather than declaring the source to be incorrect". Later, you guys recalled that email and admitted that there was a correction indeed.

Regarding the bad grammar, I meant the spoken English that we speak in India. It is obviously flawed and the thing with the videos is that the speaker just tells you the correct grammar and in the next sentence he speaks he is violating the grammar rule he just mentioned. What can I say, it is hard to not pay attention to the audio that you are listening to; to differentiate between the rules and ignore what's being said.

Just to be clear, I have no intent on maligning you guys but I just want my opinion to be out there and let the students decide for themselves.
Take care