May 30, 2016

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2nd time is the charm! Low GMAT and Low GPA


Now that the euphoria of making it to a couple of top 15-top 25 schools has settled, I wanted to write a thoughtful review for a service that was beyond every expectation that I had. Simply put, Dr. Shel is amazing and if you are looking for a consultant who actually delivers and gets the job done, you want Dr. Shel on your team.

I was no fancy MBA candidate – I had a low GMAT, a couple of questionable grades because of a few rough semesters, and a low GPA. I was going uphill right from the get go. But at the end, I made it.

Having worked with a major firm before, I was very nervous and quite skeptical on what to expect. Right from the intro call, which was about 1-1.5 hours on the day I emailed, a couple of weeks before deadlines, I could tell Dr. Shel was the real deal. She helped me identify key levers and how we would brand me to make it in, she guided me on identifying the schools to go after, why they might accept me and then guided me on exactly how to execute. Her guidance wasn’t fluffy rubbish but actual concrete detailed steps on what to do, what to include what to take out and then line by line editing to make sure everything worked together.

She is brilliantly strategic in terms of using the various components (essays, app forms, etc.) to deliver a strong application. Additionally, she manages expectations very well (e.g. when is your stuff coming, what’s pending etc.) and when it was crunch time, she delivered without compromising any quality. She genuinely cared about seeing me make it through and you could tell with the ideas that she would bring forth and how responsiveness she was. Also when I had a few rejections she would push me to say positive and hope for the best for the others, she never gave up on me and I truly felt like I had a strong partner to support me.

Dr. Shel’s style of communicating and approach made me a better communicator. I could feel myself write better and my peers at work mentioned that I am communicating slightly differently but in a positive way. I can’t recommend her enough. If you want someone professional, who gets it done, is brilliantly strategic, personable, has vast experience, and affordable, you want Dr. Shel on your team. This is one of the best investments I made and I am headed to B School!!!

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