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Manhattan Prep In-Person Classes


In my opinion, the MGmat guides set is definitely worth the money but I can't say the same for the in-person classes. The video 'interact' option that you get with the in-person class package was great because I could watch and re-watch the lessons until I was confident about certain topics.
Although I had a very smart instructor (insane GMAT/ LSAT Score), I feel that in the in-person classes, we didn't really go to in-depth when we studied concepts, the classes were mostly about 'tips and tricks' one uses when answering multiple choice questions (how to eliminate/ how to choose etc) and discussing solutions to a few questions. If you need content, read the MGmat guides cover to cover (I can't stress this enough).
For me, I would have probably learned the same if I had opted for the online course instead of the in-person one. So in my opinion, I would still choose to learn via the MGmat course (that's how I learn best) but I would instead opt for the online option (not the in-person classroom experience).
One more thing, this was also a recommendation of MGmat, make sure to schedule your test at least a month after your last class. Practicing on your own is KEY to a good score and that month (or more if you have time) will really help you drill down concepts learned from the guides and from the videos/ in class. PS: English is my first language.

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