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This is the only test center in Ukraine. It was in an office adjacent to what appeared to be a high-level IT service company. The IT company had a wall covered with plaques from Microsoft. The GMAT test center therefore is something of a side business, but it benefits from being in a well-maintained office space with comfortable climate control and and little hallway foot traffic.

The test room had 4 test stations in a row. I was given earplugs (disposable) made by 3M, two fine-tipped black markers, and a ten-sheet laminated notepad. Each sheet had a grid printed on both sides, so there were essentially twenty sheets available. I found the keyboard to be overly squishy and the mouse didn't register clicks consistently. I was provided with a large wooden cabinet, as large as a full size locker, for storing my belongings.

The proctor Vladislav was in the process of training a replacement (Katia), but both of them conducted themselves in friendly but professional manner. I should note that Vladislav spoke English, but he requested that we speak in Russian for the sake of his trainee Katia. I suppose that when she begins working full-time, communication might be a little more difficult for non-Russian, non-Ukrainian speakers.

The only downside of this test center is finding your way there. The Сетовые Технологии website has directions with a map, but they are in Russian. If you don't understand Russian, I suggest printing the map and showing it to locals so that you can find your way to the test center. This is best done prior to the day of your exam. The easiest way to get there is from Lukianivska metro stop on the green line. From there, you must take the tram or any bus to Telihi street. The center will be in a building on your right.

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