February 20, 2020

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Hi guys,
i just wanted to share some information on the Test "Center" at CBT Training & Consulting GmbH in Munich.

I definitely can not recommend it!

It is quite easy to find. But already at the reception/registration they were absolutely incapable of communicating on a normal friendly level.

The environment is not the best, but could be worse.
You take the test in a room with other people who are apparently doing other tests.
Therefore they will come and go at quite different times. Noise level was pretty average, since they had air conditioning on at full blast and the windows open.
The upside is, you have an own box, they provide Ohropax and they give you some basic headphones which you can use to block out some of the noise.
If you need something, you can call them via a button. But the staff was totally unresponsive, unfriendly and not willing to explain anything about the process. This was quite annoying, the effort for the exam conditions felt like minimum.
Additionally, the computer's response to the keyboard was quite slow, so you cannot write your AWA on a normal-fast speed.
Also the sensitivity of the mouse was low, therefore it takes ages to just move the mouse over the screen just to click on the "next" button.

The staff (two women) did provide the usual basic information about the test, but no information on how they themselves handle the check-in and check-out process. Since there are two types of lockers, but only one requires a key, so you are only allowed to access one of them during breaks, although they are right next to each other.
The staff was unable to answer any questions. Not that i think they would be incapable, but it felt like they were not happy doing this in the first place and had something better to do.

The waiting room is quite nice, they provide snacks and something to drink. But who in their right mind would go to a test center without their own snacks and drinks!?

So overall i felt like the setup was quite good in some way, but the technical details, the process and the staff were totally unsatisfiying.

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