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May 01 | 2015
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This review is for: Critical Square Tactical Package

I would like to share with GMAT club members my experience with Critical Square (CS) and my consultant.
In short - I really enjoyed my experience and would strongly recommend CS!

I have read lots of positive reviews here on GC and decided to try CS's services for a R3 application (INSEAD asks for 5 essays and they are not easy).
My background: European and no-native speaker, 30+ years old, WE: big4 audit->big4 advisory, then a specific kind of PE fund. Post-MBA goal to advance in my current industry.
This was my third application season and therefore I was pretty aware of who am I, what are my career goals, why MBA, why school X, etc. Therefore I picked their Tactical Package (1 review of resume and 2 rounds of essay review) and it proved to be excellent decision both in terms of value for money and pick of right package. Admissions consultant will not write essay for you, he/she will help you fill the gaps between your thoughts(in essays), compress your thoughts, cut the fluff, and provide really helpfull insight.
Please, if you feel uncertain regarding which package to choose, consult with them am I sure that they will help you and advice to choose the package, which will best fit your needs.

In my review I will follow the following structure:
Did you enjoy the process? - Yes, my consultant was very nice and friendly during the whole process. I even asked him some questions less/ or even not relevant to my application and he was very helpful in this regard too. I would say I do regret that I had not much time to work/talk with my consultant. He is very smart, easy going and funny person.
Was it stressful? - No, it was least stressful MBA application for me, because I was not alone, and I had someone who advised, helped and supported me during this challenging process. Moreover, when the person is positive and nice. The most stressful/challenging part was that I decided to use CS's service just 2 weeks before the deadline (please do not commit my mistake). Since the turnaround time was for about 3 days I was very stressed about the deadline (I did not want o submit my application in last hour). To alleviate my stress (I think he realized how important is to get things done in time). My consultant was really nice and replied within 2 days. This made my application experience even less stressful
Did they meet your expectations? - CS even exceeded my initial expectations. From the very beginning I though that "the cheapest package will give you less attention and value for money". However after first review of essays I realized how deep my consultant dug inside my essays and how relevant and helpful were his comments and/or questions.
What was their greatest strength? Quality of essay review. Experience. Commitment. Fast turnaround of essays. Compressing of my thoughts in essays (as a non-native speaker sometimes I use a lot of words to describe/explain something). My consultant is a word-wizard. He cut the fluff and compressed some of my sentences without losing intended meaning. Moreover he helped me to address some points in essays I missed to cover or misinterpreted.
What was their weakest part? - Ok, any feedback without things to improve would look suspicious or less credible. So I will post some points here. At the very beginning you will receive a self-assessment form to complete. I have spent 3-4 days to complete it, some questions are very detailed or seemed to me less relevant. I dont know whether it is the same form CS use for all packages or it is tailored to each package, but i did not feel we (me and my consultant) used much of information from it during the process. So if you are choosing Tactical package and know you story very well please dont spend much time on it, or ask your consultant which pages/para you may skip or not provide lot of details.
What was the outcome? - I was invited to interview and lately was not admitted to INSEAD, but I barely think it was due to my essays. They were really strong and shine brightly. I think the reason of my denial was a very specific/strange interview experience I had with my second interviewer, but that's another story. I reworked my INSEAD essays for other schools and was accepted to UNC Kenan-Flagler (my interview was OK), which proves that I and my consultant worked hard to submit a very strong application essays.

Dear consultant, thank you very much for your hard work and commitment!

Guys, good luck with your applications to your dream schools!

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Test Centers Review
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     By PTK 1405 882
This review is for: * Pearson VUE GMAT Test Center
Location: Moscow, Russia

Parking facility : - ( did not pay attention, as I arrived by metro)
Invigilator Reviews : polite.
Environment : 4 narrow seats, very small obscure room, without windows, old computers.
Additional Info : Far from the centre of the city, 10 minutes by walk from metro station Yugo-Zapadnaya. You need to arrive +10 minutes before, except for those 30, in order to register and receive acces into the campus.
Do's & Don't s :Take what ever you need with you (a bottle of water, some food, etc). It would not be possible to exit the campus. :oops:

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MBA Program Review
November 18 | 2015
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     By PTK 1405 882
This review is for: Anderson

Full Time MBA

Class of:


Experience during the program

Overall Anderson school of Management far exceeded my innitial expectations. There is a very strong emphasis on getting your desired job, by making your career transition smooth and effective. Parker CMC helped me to structure my job application process from May! starting from May here were weekly deliverables such as CV, cover letters, company research form, 45-sec pitch etc. So once got on campus, I was already prepared for job applicatoin process and knew what to expect.
In addition to that, I feel that before the next quarter 2nd year students will send me a separate bill, I am serious. They are so helpful! I am aiming management consulting career after graduation. At Anderson Management consulting Associatoin (MCA) organized ACT groups (coaching sessoins), IPTs (practice workshops), casing, etc. MCA is one of the larges and strongest clubs at Anderson.
In addition to that DOJ (career tracks - company visits) week was excellent way to connect to professionals woking at leading consulting and tech companies in Bay Area. There are Tech , Consulting and IB tracks. Most popular was Tech track during which our group of more than 100 studnets visited more than 20 companies in Seattle and Bay Area (Google, Microsoft, Facebook,Amazon, Intel, Visa Paypal, Ebay, Twiter, etc).

And 100% employment during summer intersnship (summer 2015) really speaks for itself.

About professors, classes and curriculum

About classes: I liked professors approach their job of teaching us complex concepts. Professor Hal is great in explaining marketing concepts in real life examples and is one of the most fun profs. I enjoyed Statistics class. Although not easy, I liked the way our Prof approaches explanation of difficult questions. One piece of advice, don't bet with your Stat Prof during classes, Prof knows probability and stat concepts much better than you so most likely you will not win ;).
First two quarters you will have only core courses, next four quarters (in total 6 q in 2 years) you can choose any electives you want. Currently, I have only core courses. I dont plan on taking an additional elective during my second quarter, because I want to focus more on recruiting. Btw you can ask for waiver before starting core class. I waived accounting class and will use credits to choose one or two electives later.

About job placement process

+see my post above about Parker, how second year students help us and DOJ tracks.
Regarding companies, there are a lot of companies coming to Anderson for company presentations, workshops and cases. In less than two month more than 6 case competition were organized by companies such as Amazon, cisco, AT Kerney, etc and I pretty much enjoyed them.
Make sure you prioritize your tasks and activities while in business school, otherwise you won't have much time for sleep. ;)

Overall BSchool experience
Schools contribution
Classmates rating

Strengths of the program:

Alumni Network



Best fit at this program:




Can be improved:

Student body, diversity

Career opportunities provided by school

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