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Thanks to Admissionado, I got offers from both my dream B-Schools


I chose Admissionado this year for my MBA application after reading the book "The Admissionado Guide to Elite MBA Admission", primarily because of their sense of humor and of course professional services. I have worked with Admissionado this June, and eventually received offers from both my dream schools (Kellogg and Booth$).

They are pretty fast in terms of response time, and have the flexibility to turn things around quickly if you are facing deadlines within a week. I personally purchased the essay editing services for 2 schools, Rose and Claudia have been following up with me closely during the entire time. They first started with a questionnaire asking 10+ questions for your background and life stories, and then based on the service you choose, you get the chance to talk to an MBA consultant (former Top school graduates) or starting 3 rounds of revisions right away. During each round the writer will get you specific feedbacks based on the topic, schools and your life stories to aid you in creating MBA stories most relevant to your target schools. It only took them a couple of days to get back to you with comments on your last draft and guidance on next steps. Very efficient, and I enjoyed the communication a lot.

I received my Kellogg offer call on 7/20 and Booth the week after. Both admission directors specifically told me that my essays were amazing. To say I'm happy with the results is an understatement. I highly recommend anyone who wants his/her essays to be polished professionally for the highest odds of getting admitted - just take a look at Admissionado website and give them a call if you are interested. Though it's some money but I felt my journey with them worth every single penny of it.

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