October 01, 2020

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Test Center


I gave my exam at the pearson center at ansal University , Gurgaon . The center is highly recommended as the staff are highly professional, polite and courteous. There were no disturbances or issues while i gave the test. The computer hardware is new which sort of helped with streamlining the testing experience. Lockers are available incase you want to keep your phone, backpack etc. There is a washroom and a water cooler.cratch boards: Before the test when I asked, they said I needed to finish my entire board before I could have a new one (even between sections). You could argue this point and say that technically it's okay to switch it out at the break (citing that you called GMAC). But I decided to keep things cordial and just ensure that I filled up my board by the end of IR. That said, they didn't do a careful check when I requested a new board.Ear plugs are provided and worked very well to block out the typing of my neighbors (people can be there for other tests too FYI).

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