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Expert global! You might be wondering why someone would choose this product over such gigantic structural courses present in the race. if you are thinking so,I would explain that the course specifically in quant section presents great effort to boost your score as long as you are succumbed to great GMAT , questions that are great rated are not actually though rather those are unsolved by most of the here is the course presents structural approach to every level of problem of a single category irrespective of egmat,but in that egmat takes alot of time to score on the real test because it uses a lengthy approach and your score will improve only when you adapt to that pattern, however in expert global they teach using quantum strategy in which you can learn and they increase the difficulty as per stages and you will solve same kind of problem the catch is why someone need to solve questions repeated manner? Because in GMAT they ask the same question by twisting around the concept and students get circumlocate around the only concept but end up losing this company does solve questions using such concepts that are of root level and least time taking and even a rusty guy can solve the questions, would he just solve the questions level wise .you will not forget if you solve all the three level questions.also in this course you will find a smart building of approach over smart questions that are treated exceptions in GMAT .the video explanations are just soothing and understandable.the most I like about this course is the same approach to any kind of inter related common sense based approachable questions that are essentially considered though in GMAT . although it doesn't present extremely though questions unlike egmat course,the course projects the student at atleast 700 level majorly and not 750+ I strongly recommend this course if you are totally rusty and intrested for a 700 plus score.the GMAT shorts are really helpful by experts global.thabks to the team and the test designers , especially to the test screen that matches to the actual GMAT screen, providing an equal replica of GMAT test.

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