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Working with John DC Miles from Admissionado was the best decision I made w.r.t. to MBA admissions. He not only was extremely insightful, but was honest and directional in his approach. The first cut of my essays, admittedly, were crap and the comments which John, and not to forget my behind-the-scene-editor, provided were directional and solution driven - which certainly is important because anyone can shun you down for a bad piece of writing, but the ability to guide you in the right direction, suited to your unique story, the ability to identify and surface the best points, the ability to highlight it subtly but aptly is what everything John possessed. He did wonders to my application, of an "over-represented" Indian pool, lower than average GMAT score (710), with a non-fancy or non-over-the-top story line by doing all these and having immense faith in my application (which mind you is more important than one can ever imagine).

I would also thank Claudia, for linking me to the right consultant and offering the best offers.

For the Indian applicant pool, I strongly recommend these guys, they truly are "awesome" as they state. These guys also suggest ways in which we can maximize from the interactions, like they share the huge pool of resources for all schools, help you make a list of schools you should apply to, help you shortlist schools you should work with them on, help you prep for interviews....I can go on endlessly about them which simply shows my admiration and gratitude for John and Admissionado!

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