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GMAT Course Review
Great course!
February 08 | 2012
     By SeanVL320 6 5

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The Manhattan GMAT course was very thorough. You are given 15 books at the start of the course. The course is expensive, but it's worth the money. The instructor gives great test-taking strategy tips that are difficult to find in prep books. In addition, Manhattan's website has TONS of resources. All of the course books can be downloaded online. They have numerous practice problems. You can take six practice tests online. The OG Archer tool is fantastic (allows you to time yourself on real GMAT problems from the 12th Edition Official Guide and gives explanations, text and some videos online). You can run diagnostics on all of your question areas to identify weaknesses in specific areas.

Overall, they provide more resources than you need. Well worth the money.

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