August 16, 2019

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Gurgaon centre in times tower, MG road


Hi all, the centre is well-located. 5 stars for that.
The centre was easy to find, though I visited a night before to make sure, even if I hadn't, it was easy to find the centre.
The centre's location on google maps is a bit off, it shows before the MG road metro station (Gurgaon), but you have to keep going on the service lane till you see a Hyundai showroom. The building is called times tower, and Hyundai showroom is at the front of it. But, for the centre, you have to walk in from the side and keep going in until you enter the building. There is a coffee place on the entrance, eat/drink anything before entering the centre, on the 2nd floor.
THEY DON'T ALLOW TO DO THAT ONCE YOU'RE INSIDE (which is weird, when you're sitting in a waiting/queue with more than 10 people in front), only during your breaks you're allowed to eat/drink.

One of the centre's staff member was rude/harsh/unfriendly/impolite/bad, unlike others. This is uncalled for when you visit a test centre with all your hard work and a little bit of anxiety.
-5 stars for that

The centre had clean washrooms, which was a nice thing, but during my test slot, it was full so people had to wait, as most of the participants were starting the test at the same slot (first come first serve).
2 stars for that

I personally didn't like the staff member behaviour. I was told later on after the test by some that this has become usual in Delhi centres. I have taken the test at another centre, too, Amritsar. The staff there was polite and respectful.

I would like to urge the test-takers in Delhi, to keep in mind while choosing a centre that these things might affect your test-day performance, so be prepared for it and keep a stronger focus on the test, than on these things, which you can't control. As other centres in Gurgaon are not that close, one is likely to choose this centre. BE CAREFUL

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August 22, 2019

Do you have any idea about the pearson center in YUSUF SARAI COMMUNITY CENTRE new delhi?

August 22, 2019

I haven't taken a test at the Yusuf Sarai centre though I was about to book it before the MG road centre, which I feel was a big mistake.
I would recommend you go for Yusuf Sarai as a couple of my friends who took their test at Yusuf Sarai centre didn't really face much hassle as we did here.
Also, I don't know about the centre much, but I must advice you to take care of these things you may encounter and make sure they don't affect your concentration in any way possible.