May 20, 2017

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Kolkata Test Centre Review


The Kolkata Test centre is located near Kali Ghat temple. Locating the test centre took me some time. It is recommended to scout the exact location on a previous day as the center is a bit isolated and on the fourth floor of a building, whose entrance is towards the side. The building is located towards the northern-most metro exit of the Kalighat Metro station on the side of the temple itself.

On any average day, the center is free from any noise or disturbances. However, the lady in charge informed that they had re-scheduled a test day on a previous occasion due to loud speakers by a local club on probably "Rabindra Jayanti".
The lady in-charge and the test centre staff are very helpful and supportive. The centre provided me with a pair of industrial ear plugs.

The centre is a little small with 6 computers in apparently the only room,which I was seated in. There are two toilets. Arrive 30-45 mins in advance to avoid waiting for verification formalities, if the centre is full.

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May 20, 2018

could you please clarify on that as per your experience?
--I say based on my experience

Were the earplugs provided to you effective?
-- I would say earplugs were OK.

how many test takers were there along with you on the day of your test?
--About 4

Was the atmosphere inside comfortable to properly take the exam, esp the Verbal section that requires a lot of concentration?
--IMO , yes

July 18, 2018

Hi iRahuLive,

Did you take the test from the Kolkata test center? If yes, then please share your experience. Please revert as i plan to travel to Kolkata to give the exam.

December 28, 2019

I gave my exam at brainware University at barasat ...there was constant distraction as the people who were sitting outside were constantly chatting very loudly and some construction was also going on. Even after being asked to not talk loudly they continued to do so and asked us to use the ear plugs which doesn't work by the way . The experience was not good.