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Course Math Revolution All-In-One Basic

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I signed up Math Revolution All-in-one 51 course. Before signing up for this course, I had studies several math books and was relatively confident about quantitative part of GMAT. However, I was not certain I could get Q50 and above. I read some reviews online about Math Revolution and decided to take the course to ensure that I got a Q50 and above. I studies the lectures one by one and was truly impressed by the unique methods they are using and the unique approach they take. In all honesty, I find out that should I have signed up the course earlier, I could have saved a lot of time spent on the math part. That's the most important point in taking Math Revolution course -- learning the same amount of materials but using a short period of time.

I have taken GMAT twice in the past two months, and I got two Q50. To be honest, I should have done better if I paid more attention to the questions asked ( I really had a bad habit of misreading questions asked and come up with wrong answer); I was confident that I have the ability to get above Q51 should I really make sure the questions asked. Anyway, I honestly say that Math Revolution provides an effective way to get a good result.
I think I got twice Q50 is a proof that Math Revolution is a course worthy of taking should you want to get good score and save precious time at the same time.

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