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Extremely recommend Admissionado and my consultant Doris Huang!


First things first. I purchased the Junior Deluxe Package, plus the resume, LOR support and interview support from A La Carte Services. In Round 1, I applied to LBS and Haas, and I received the offer from LBS and just finished the Haas's interview.

I am extremely pleased with my experience with the Admissionado team and I would recommend it and my consultant Doris Huang to every one who is seeking admission services! Here I want to organize my review by highlighting Admissionado's flexible packages, well-operated process, and insightful contents provided by my consultant.

1. Packages. Admissionado provides a set of very flexible services to choose from, which takes into account the diverse needs of applicants. Since I am not so much into unlimited phone call access, I chose the Junior Deluxe package. Also, to secure my application, I added resume, LOR and interview support from their A La Carte Services so that they could look at my application from a holistic view. Moreover, the prices are acceptable as well, compared to some firms charging insanely high prices for almost the same kind services. So I think you can always pick up the most suitable services that best fulfill your needs and budget.

2. Process. As a management consultant myself, in my work I am always trying to find the most efficient process to do things, and I have to say Admissionado's process is very well-designed and reliably operated, during which I could not find a single flaw. After I registered my info on their website, I was soon matched with my consultant Doris in just a few hours. In the complimentary call, Doris reviewed my profile and addressed both my strength and weakness in the profile, and some smart initiatives to position myself to stand out. Then the formal process started, including the client questionnaire and the strategy call at the beginning, then I got my action plan, a branding document guiding me through the following application process. When it comes to the essay/resume/LOR editing, they followed a very strict turnover time of 72 hours and my consultant and editing specialist usually returned the edited documents even more quickly than that! Besides the edit, I regularly sent out some questions regarding to my application to Doris, and she often replied to me on the same day, which was utterly dependable. Claudia, their director of operations, oversaw and facilitated every single step and provided in-time help, which made me not feel lonely in these several months' application process.

3. Content. I had a chance to connect with Jon Frank, the founder of Admissionado, almost 2 years ago when I first had the idea to pursue an MBA. I downloaded some free guidebooks from their site and learnt a great deal about the MBA application, which let me believe their capability. My consultant, Doris Huang, is just gorgeous. She herself is a Wharton MBA and with degrees from Harvard and Oxford. She insightfully made me highlight my people skills in my application to get rid of people's stereotypes on an Asian male, and rectified many mistakes I had in my drafts which were usually made by Chinese applicants. She also helped me pick up my greatest hits and made them stand out which I never thought of before. I am indeed very thankful for her and proud of the things we created together.

With the help from Admissionado, I nailed my application in just Round 1 and got the offer from my dream school. I recommend Admissionado to you without any reservation.

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