July 20, 2021

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Want to get in your dream school ? Alex is your guy !


I signed up with Alex after getting on call with a few other consultants. He was very forthcoming from day one. There is no-one better than Alex especially when it comes to European schools. He knows at the back of his hand which characteristics are required in which part of the application. As an INSEAD alumn, he brings unique insights to the table.

He is always available on different channels and will never make you beg him for audience, unlike some other consultants. He is very mindful of deadlines and knows how to drive you towards the required quality of the application.

I had average/below average stats and I applied to INSEAD and LBS through him. I got interview invite from LBS even though it was R3 and I got into INSEAD.

You can not go wrong with Alex. He is your man !

(P.S During this process you will end up becoming good friends with him. He won't just be your consultant.)

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