January 21, 2022

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710 Q48 V40 (Online)

Great Course


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Course GMATWhiz GMAT Prep

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Overall Course is designed well. The Gmatwhiz platform includes everything you will need for your preparation. Buy an OG and this course that will be enough for you to score a 700+.

My verbal was weak, I scored a V27 and was very disheartened and thought maybe this exam is not for me (as I was in Hindi(local language) medium school and didn't learn English from an early age and always thought I will never do good in verbal section). But the verbal course is designed for someone like me that includes everything from scratch to advanced, everything was there.

I will especially thank Sunita for the help she provided, she even solved doubts on WhatsApp when someone asked in the group (I have taken the crash course for 3 months in which the teacher teaches the course.)

I will also thank Shreyyash who was my mentor assigned to me. He helped me to motivate and guide me to the right topics I should be doing my prep from before the exam.

Overall it was a great course, I will recommend this to someone who is weak in the verbal section and continuously struggling to get the questions right. I was good in quant and got a Q49 on the first attempt too, I can't judge the course correctly for someone who is weak in quant but I will say it is structured properly and can be advantageous.

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February 17, 2022

Hey Ankur!

Congratulations on the 710 and all the very best for your upcoming interviews! The V40 is particularly impressive considering that you started with a V27 – that’s an impressive jump and must have been a major boost to the overall improvement of 80 points in your total score.

As you mentioned, you were a student of Crash Course program, the perfect offering for those who (1) are already at a 600-650 level but want to breach the 700+ barrier and (2) can give a lot of time on the weekends but not so much on the weekdays. Clearly, you made the best of the opportunity and worked on the section that had the most room for improvement.

Sunita is an absolute pioneer when it comes to GMAT Verbal, a true visionary of methodologies that not only work during practice sessions but are also effective in exam-like environments under the pressure of time. However, at the end of the day, it comes down to how much you as a student have been able to imbibe Sunita’s teachings – in your case, you clearly did, and the results are for everyone to see.

I remember our mentorship sessions as well, Ankur. You proactively sought my help with regards to strategy on where to practice questions from (a combination of our Whiz Quizzes, the proprietary GMATWhiz Question Bank, as well as our official questions Dump of over 1000 questions) and what kinds of questions to practice as well – again, you followed the instruction perfectly.

Many people try to reduce time taken from the get-go, an absolutely disastrous strategy. You first worked on your accuracy on 700+ level questions on especially key topics (such as Modifiers, Pronouns, Verb Tenses, Inference and Assumption Family) from Whiz Quiz and our consolidated GMAC dump by applying the methodology taught by Sunita. This was followed by a series of quizzes and sectional mocks from Whiz Quiz (before the actual mocks) to reduce time consumption while not losing accuracy.

All the best for the applications and please reach out in case you need any guidance with school selection, essays or LoRs for the applications because our admission consultants have end-to-end knowledge of the MBA admission process undertaken by the top schools across the globe.

Shreyyash KP
Verbal Mentor | MBA Admissions Consultant