May 05, 2016

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When I first contacted Karthik, I had not yet given my GMAT. He evaluated my profile, helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses and motivated me to do well on the GMAT. He even suggested how to prepare for the GMAT.

When I was playing safe with the selection of universities, Karthik encouraged me to apply for the bigger ones. I applied to 10 universities – 5 in R1 and 5 in R2. After I received admits from 4 universities in R1, I was happy about it and content. He asked me to apply to bigger universities

I got interview invites from 8 universities and admits from 5.

I will be joining a Top 15 ranked university this Fall. Thanks to Karthik for motivating me to aim higher.

Before I started writing essays, he told me how to contact current students and alumni of the schools I was applying to and get vital information which will help me in my essays. After I had an idea of what to write in my essay, Karthik would help me structure my thoughts in a coherent way. And I was free to schedule an appointment to discuss about my essays until it was perfect. He did not limit me to the number of calls or hours as some consultants do.

I found the discussions with Karthik to be more productive when I did some research on the school and made a rough structure for the essays.

After attending 8 interviews, I can safely say I have become a pro at MBA Admission interviews. Karthik corrected my delivery style and taught me how to make proper eye contact with the interviewer.

Karthik does more than what is expected of him. He motivates you to aim higher when you are content with the status quo. I would strongly recommend Karthik – August Academy to future MBA aspirants.

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