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Center Name : Pearson Vue - GATS, Symphony C, Ashok Nagar, Range Hill Rd., Pune.
City & Country : Pune, India
Parking facility : There was enough parking space for a two-wheeler, cars would be parked on the roadside I guess, not a problem.
Invigilator Reviews : They were nice except for nobody came to respond twice in the middle of the Quants section. Both the pens provided got dried and it was quite tough situation, more on this later.
Environment : The center is roadside, so there are vehicular noises, but Range Hill Rd. is quite serene compared to the mad traffic on other city roads. You don't need to worry much about noises, it was fine with an earplug. The room for six was quite congested (like a typical cybercafe in India) and be ready to tolerate fanatic sounds of keyboard strokes. This is a imp info, guys, unless you are the last guy starting the test you are bound to suffer keyboard music during your IR, Quants or Verbal section. Pearson claims to have noise proof separation, but in practice, folks are sitting in 2 rows with no separation from the guy behind you. So, how does the noise-proof thing matters. The center was clean.
Rating 5/5 : 1.5/5
Additional Info : Pls pay attention. There are quite a few points:
1. 2 marker pens provided to each student. Both were kind of weird, one stopped writing right away and the second one exhausted in IR. At that point I felt helpless, cos I was still not so accustomed to the small room and fanatic keyboard sounds by others. Decided to finish the section cos only 5 mins left. Complained about that, but it seemed it was common there, everybody had it. :? :roll: All in all I changed both the pens 4 times, but not satisfied :x One kind madam suggested, close the cap after use, don't keep it open :shock:
2. The reason behind keyboard cacophony was the worn out keyboards. Have u seen keyboards on sale road-side @ Rs.50 /pc.? Well, u ll find them at GATS, Pune. I found no point complaining, bcos even if they had changed it would have taken precious time and u don't need keyboard after AWA.
3. The laminated sheet was very very old and blackened by re-re-re-use. All were facing it, well it's India, 'complain' is no word in our dictionary.
Now u may guess, why they didn't come to respond, I was asking to replace pens.
Needless to say, I am thinking about Mumbai center for the re-test. Guys, pls write full reviews about everything that cud be a possible threat to anybody. In GATS, one brave girl was arguing with the proctor about facilities on expense of her own AWA time.
I DON'T BLAME my score on them, but the review may help the next guy.
I read all reviews before booking the center, but never found anything so wrong.


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February 22, 2018


Any updates on the test centre in pune? I am a resident of pune and the reviews have seriously made me wonder whether I can select pune as my test centre .
I need to select a centre asap. Please help me .

July 30, 2018

Binit, I agree to what you said. Keyboard sound was not allowing to concentrate, it was too irritating to the ears.In addition, one test taker in my exam room(same small room accomodating 5 people)was coughing loudly(though he was not doing it intentionally obviously) because he was not well, this broke my concentration into small pieces and you can imagine what would happen when you can't concentrate during verbal section.Though I didn't have time to inform the instructor(though he already knew)about it in the middle of the verbal section as I was already running out of time, I informed the instructor about it after the verbal section, he said that its a health issue so we cannot do anything for this. I don't know why he couldn't do anything about this if there were more computers in another room.He could have shifted that guy to another room. We are paying 250$ for the exam and they are just giving excuses. I don't know about other test centers as this was my first attempt, I will not at all recommend this test center to other people.
Kindly try to get the best test center after researching.

August 23, 2018

200% agree. I had faced the same issue and have given same comment. It was pathetic than a cyber cafe. If I am correct it's approx. 7ft by 4ft room max. Which is for 6 people. Ridiculous!!! It indeed hampered by verbal last time. I wasted my 5-10 min re-reading, and there were people moving back and forth. Some coughing some typing so loud. Hopeless! I had even given feedback at official site.
Has anyone given the test recently and can confirm if it's still the same?

September 23, 2018

Hi, I am scheduled to give my Gmat on 19th October 2018. Can someone please share their recent experiences at the Pune test centre so that I can decide whether to change my centre or not? Thanks.

October 14, 2018

Hi, I have my test tomorrow, will post the review after that. Hoping that I am the only one giving the test tomorrow

October 14, 2018

Hey Karan, All the best! Eagerly waiting for the update. Hoping the conditions have improved.

October 14, 2018

Can someone tell me how is the new test center in Kharadi?There are hardly 3-4 slots in a month but if its better than this one , will opt for Kharadi then.

October 15, 2018

@karann5988, how was it? Ur experience?

November 09, 2018

@karann5988, Can u please share the review of Rangehills test centre.
I am planning to book slot in Rangehills as there are less number of slots in kharadi.

November 11, 2018

The reviews posted by 'b9n920' are still valid. Below are my comments:
1. The condition is still the same as mentioned in that thread.
2. Wear sweater, hoodie or something which can protect you from cold. The test room is very very small and it gets very cold inside the room.
3. The keyboards are still the old ones. So you are going to hear the noise (tik tik) if someone is writing the essay. My advice, take some thing to cover your ear such as ear plugs. Also, take care of the typing speed, since the keyboards are old and you might have practiced on good keyboards
4. You are not going to get 8 mins full for your break. They have 1 washroom and you have to scan your palm every time when you exit the test area. So be aware about that

I would suggest that either go to Mumbai or wait for the Kharadi one..

Let me know if you have any more questions