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After months of preparation using different platforms, I was just able to cross the 700 barrier and get a score of 710. Though 710 is a decent score, coming from an Indian Male Engineer background, I knew this score was not enough for a good B-School.

Then I stumbled upon a video from GMATWhiz on Verb Tense timeline. I was previously having problems in this particular section of SC, so I decided to watch the video. I was amazed at how easily GMATWhiz’s content managed to solve my problems with verb tense usage. I felt more confident in tackling this sub-section now. It was then that I decided to book a strategy session with GMATWhiz’s strategy expert. I had an awesome discussion with Piyush who helped me understand GMAT more thoroughly and chalked out a plan to address my GMAT weak areas. I decide to go forward with GMATWhiz and started working on the plan the AI had laid out.

My stint with GMATWhiz was relatively small (less than 2 months) but I want to highlight how awesome the whole AI-driven platform is. It kept updating a predicted score based on my course progression and Quiz score, went deep into analyzing my weak areas, and automatically created quizzes and study content to help me address those areas. I was able to precisely target the areas I was having the most trouble with and could successfully improve as well. It saves you all the trouble of pinpointing your weak areas and then creating a quiz addressing them. These help you to apply the approach learned in the course, making you comfortable with the application of the methodology to solve the questions.

The content of GMATWhiz is comprehensive and addresses each GMAT-based question independently. I was facing issues with CR specifically before joining GMATWhiz course but I was able to improve it drastically using their course content. After each concept video, you have concept booster and concept solidifier quizzes that help to cement the process you have just learned.

From the very beginning, I was assigned with a Mentor, Zartaj who deserves most of the credit for my GMAT success. She helped me overcome my plateau and kept motivating me throughout the journey. After her guidance, I was soon scoring more consistently on each practice quiz. Although I was hitting my sub-section goals consistently, to further increase the chances of getting achieving a high score, I was introduced to Sunita from GMATWhiz who took out her valuable time to tutor me and fine-tune my approach to reach that upper echelon score. I finally managed to score 740(Q50, V40) on GMAT.

All in all, my experience with GMATWhiz has been nothing short of amazing. So, whether you are a first-time test taker, or a retaker struggling to overcome a score plateau, GMATWhiz is a one-stop solution for you. Highly recommend!

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