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Hands Down One of The Best People to Work With


My initial interaction with Admissionado (Precission Essay) was through their free profile evaluation. I submitted my completely un-edited / un-formatted resume to them & then got a call within 24 hours. This is something I have really come to appreciated through my interaction with them, Punctual LIKE HELL. They have made me at times feel embarrassed about my follow-up etiquettes.

The profile evaluation was a completely wonderful experience. They highlighted my stronger as well as weaker aspects, without giving me those cold shivers with the whole application package. I had spoken to a couple of Indian counsellors & I would have probably just scrapped my plans to apply if I hadn't spoken to the guys as Precision Essay. They were able to connect with me at a much deeper level than the other quacks I had spoken to. They knew why I wanted an MBA, what my profile looked like to an adcom & why my school selection stood where it was. This is something I came to miss later during my applications (I applied using an Indian Admission Consultant for my applications)

In editing essays & providing feedback, these guys are the best. I don’t think anyone else even matches up. Unfortunately for me, greatly thanks to the INR - USD conversion I couldn't use their services for all my schools, but the essays that they did help me out on really changed the perspective I had focused on during my earlier applications. The feedback I got was candid and thought provoking but still had room for discussion, which they were always open to.
Lauren has been my one point of contact at Admissionado & I hands down rate her as THE PERSON you have to talk to if you decide to take admissionado's services. She was able to connect not only with my perspective but also with my problems, which was something I really appreciated through my interactions with her. If you have a problem or question including anything under the sun, Lauren had the answer and never in that hum drum tone that most other consultants used.

Bottom Line, You want a MBA from a IVY League School, then you Need Lauren and Admissionado.

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