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If you want to get in the best school - you need the best partner


Have you ever wanted something so badly that you promised yourself that you would do whatever it took to make it happen? I had a dream like that. I wanted to get an MBA from a top-notch school. I studied for months for my GMAT, and eventually reached my perfect score, but then I got stuck.
How do you tell your story to make admissions like you? Maybe, you ask your friends to read your story, and maybe they give you a stamp of approval or some constructive feedback, but you are applying to 5 schools, with 2-3 essays each, with 4-5 revisions per essay. How soon will your friends get bored with all your novels? I realized that I needed professional help, but with so many options, choosing a consultant was a project on its own. I read hundreds of reviews and testimonials, and Angela stood out from all of them. Her past clients’ reviews deeply resonated with me. Her intro video on MBA Mission page made me like her even more. I tried to schedule an intro call, but there was no availability for her on the website. I became Angela’s stalker. I found her personal email, and reached out to her directly. Luckily, she did have some availability and agreed to work with me.
My profile is far from perfect. I did not go to an Ivy League undergrad, and I do not work for McKinsey. I immigrated to America, so half of my life needed a lot of explanation. I have gaps in my resume. I had little volunteer experience. My recommenders did not have MBAs, nor had they ever written MBA recommendations before. Yet Angela did not seem to notice any of the negatives, she made me focus on the positives. She made me see my own story in a different light. I thought about my current position, where she made me think about the length of my journey.
Before I submitted my first application, I knew that purchasing this service was one of the best investments I had made in my life. I got more than I bargained for - a new sense of pride and confidence.
Yesterday I attended an admitted students event at an M7 school. I still cannot believe that I was accepted. There is no doubt in my mind that I wouldn’t be able to achieve such a great result without Angela.

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