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GMAT club tests


The Gmatclub tests, especially so the Quant questions are a very good set of Questions for anyone targeting 700+. If you can score well in these tests and understand the nuances and logic behind each question, you are sure to do well in the actual GMAT. Use these questions to enhance your score but best is to use them in mocks rather than using them as standalone questions and then review each question.
Therefore GMAT club tests are a must do for any one and everyone dreaming of a high Quant score. Use all the resources you have judiciously.
All the best for your GMAT preparations.

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July 25, 2021

HI Chetan
I recently started taking these tests and my score for the first 5 tests are Q44 Q47 Q47 Q49 Q47. Since I have heard these tests are of overall higher difficulty level, can you please tell how well am I faring in these tests so far? My Quant target score is at-least a Q50 on GMAT, and I am planning to take my exam in the 3 weeks. How should my score be in these tests so that the likelihood of a Q50 on actual GMAT is increased.

Thank you