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Test Centers Review
Pearson Vue -- Singapore
January 16 | 2012
     By chichaniashish 4 2

Parking facility : Not present. Would be expensive as the location is CBD
Invigilator Reviews : They could be more helpful before the test starts. o waiting area. Had to wait outside center for around 20 minutes with no chairs
Environment : Ok. You can hear keyboard noise of other test takers
Rating 5/5 : 3.5
Additional Info : Toilets are close by, not sure about the smoking area as I do not smoke.
Debrief Link : my-gmat-experience-98021.html
Do's & Don't s : Be on time. Not before not later. Don't bring red bulls, anything to eat, the time for optional breaks would only allow you to go for toilet and may be sip some water. Also note that they DO NOT provide water. You need to take one.

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