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I have a 3.0 GPA and got admission offers from all the business schools I applied to - All the business schools are within the top-5 globally.

I worked with Liza Weale from February 8th through July 10th, with a single additional interview prep session afterwards. I had 9 essays to write, they turned out great.

I've counted 141 email conversations between Liza and myself, with many shorter conversations and some longer (10+ emails back and forth). During these conversations Liza always replied with her edits and suggestions within two business days, per mbaMission's terms of service.
In addition to emails we had regular Skype calls to ease and accelerate our communication.

I found Liza's feedback and suggestions very helpful and valuable:
- She helped me decide to redo my GMAT and add 40 points to my score,
- She helped me add a great narrative structure and flow to my essays, and
- She helped me identify my key differentiating traits and distribute them across the various essays.

While not cheap, I can only recommend mbaMission and Liza Weale. The value they provide is most definitely greater than their price tag.

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