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My Experience with August Academy


The decision to pursue an international MBA is a big one. And anyone who has tread this path would concur. At that juncture, the right guidance and help from someone who is well versed with, the entire process is extremely valuable.
After talking to four or five admission consultants when I spoke to Karthik from AugustAcademy, I knew at that very moment that my search has ended. Karthik is extremely professional, very systematic, punctual and prompt. Furthermore, the calmness in his voice and tone actually gives you very positive feeling.

I signed up for a package of three schools with Karthik. Given my work exp, I was not too inclined to do a two-year MBA and so my focus was mainly on the European one-year MBA programs. In the first interaction, Karthik helped me understand the format in which we would work. The excel spreadsheet detailed out how we would go about it - the number of edits, hours spent on reviewing/editing, duration of the phone calls, etc. To be honest, I wondered if that would actually work. But trust me when I say, the process is just perfectly cut out. By the end of the process, you would not just have secured admissions into the schools of your choice, you would have actually learnt a great deal about yourself.

The best part of working with Karthik is that he would have you write your own essays/applications in your own style. He would guide you on to approach them, guide you with making them more coherent. And I think this is really important because that is what preserves the originality of your content and writing.

Of the three schools, I applied to with Karthik's help, I got admits from two. I also applied to three other lower-ranked B-schools, and got admits from all three with stupendous scholarships and Forte fellowships. Thanks to Karthik for all his help and guidance that helped me achieve my dream.

For B-school applicants who are looking for an admission consultant, I would highly recommend Karthik's AugustAcademy.

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