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May 30 | 2012
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Location: Pune, India

This was my second Gmat exam (first one being in New Delhi). When compared Puna center does not stand a chance, otherwise it is a decent place. Professional & Courteous staff - Compact center with very few computers - terrible bathroom - and a bit on the outskirts of Pune(even though Pune is a small city). A piece of advice : do not take ur gmat here if you do not speak Hindi.

Delhi center on the other hand is bang in the center of south delhi - bigger - much more international feel to it - staff is excellent and actually encouraging.

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1 Commented by nitz19arg on August 02, 2014
hi Dr

I want to book a date for GMAT. Im not sure whether to book the Pune test centre as while searching online, I found a variety of complaints raised against it . Im writing some of them here:

1 Midway in the exam, power went off and there was a 1 hour delay!

2 Mouse got stuck in the end minutes and 2-3 questions could not be attempted. The mgmt did not help in any way.

3 Centre is not soundproof, one guy told me that while giving the exam, there was noise of bollywood songs being played on the streets.

Can anyone advice me the future course of action as I dont want to take any risks on the test day.

Will a Mumbai centre be more apt here which is tried and tested by many?