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Accepted Helped me get into Top 15 !


Hello all!

Accepted helped me get into 3/5 Top 15 schools. I will be going to Darden this fall !

Background: I spoke with multiple consultants before my journey began and ended up going with Natalie Epstein from Accepted (She was an admissions director at two of the schools that I wanted to apply to and she seemed awesome).

Journey: I went with the comprehensive school package for 1 school and the journey began! We would meet on a weekly basis, ironing out each aspect of the application. Natalie provided her expert and helpful guidance on each step and it was truly a wonderful experience.
Natalie had very insightful thoughts and advice regarding each and every step and I believe it definitely helped bring creativity to my application and the much needed "life" to words.
I was so impressed by the results that I requested Natalie's assistance for all of my remaining schools (though I went on an hourly basis for each of the essays).

Natalie went out of her way to help me out on many occasions and I am really thankful to her for that.

All in all, I would highly recommend Natalie Epstein from Accepted for your MBA application. One advice from my side would be to start your journey with Accepted early so you can fully utilize their range of advice (incase you need to take your GMAT again for your target schools, as an example).

Thank you very much for all your efforts Natalie - I truly appreciate it!!

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