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The only time available on the day that I wanted was for later in the afternoon. Which was fine by me. However, the late afternoon staff consisted of two older individuals who seemed to be well over 60 years of age and didn't seem to understand how anything worked in the testing center.

The older gentleman checking me in asked for a second form of photo ID, which I didn't have. I pointed out to him on the GMAT instructions given to me by him, that I only needed one form of identification. He proceed to tell me that he couldn't let me take the test anyway. At this point I asked him where this rule was published, to which he had no logical response and proceed to give me the authoritative "because I said so" themed speech. I cut him off mid-sentence and told him I was going to call GMACs information 800 phone number. After hearing this he seemed to come off of his high horse and say "well I guess I'll proceed with checking you in, and if the computer asks for a second form of ID then I guess there's nothing I can do and you can't take the test".... WHAT?! All of this bull crap about needing a second form of ID for a solid 10 minutes of back and forth argument, only for him to not even have started the check in process. Which spoiler alert, only required one form of ID!!!

The second +60 year old individual was running the monitoring station and testing area entry. This lady moved at a snails pace and was extremely loud both inside the inclosed computer area and outside! If took her nearly 5 minutes to respond to my hand rise for a new marker because her book seemed more important to her then her job. Then had the audacity to get mad at me when I stood up 3 minutes into my break to get her attention because she was once again reading her book. Then proceed to take 4 minutes to check me back into the inclosed testing area. She acted as if she'd never used a computer before in her life. Thank God I didn't have to go to the bathroom, I would have ran out of time.

The both of them during my test keep yelling back and forth between the front desk and monitoring area. I could hear them inside of the inclosed testing area through my ear plugs! The older lady also had zero voice control inside of the inclosed testing area. She spoke at the top of her voice to person about the instructions screen.

Then at the very end of all of this, the older guy at the front desk didn't know how to operate the printer or the computer to give me a copy of my score. He proceed to tell me that he'd never heard of someone taking my test getting a printed score. The lady next to me was nearly in tears because she needed a copy of her exam results for her job requirements the next day. Zero effort was given to figure the situation out or look into the cause. At this point the older lady had left her monitoring station and joined in on the conversation. Neglecting all of the other active test takers. After several minutes we all hear a loud "Hello?, I'm finished with my test!" Someone had wondered out of the testing area for help because no one was paying attention to the monitors.

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