April 22, 2013

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I contacted Admissionado for prepping for Wharton's new interview and was assigned to work with Mark Lellouch. The way Mark was able to break up my strengths and help me focus on the issues I needed to work on and highlight really improved the way I approached the interview.

Although I didn't get into Wharton, my experience was great and I decided to work with Admissionado for my next application - INSEAD. Throughout the process, Lauren who is the coordinator was insanely helpful and set up an awesome package for me which was within my budget and sufficiently covered my requirements to improve my application. She was super efficient and at times it even felt like she was more interested in my success than me!

Initially, I worked with Mark who helped me strategize my approach for the application and establish which parts would be covered best in which essay. Having worked with other consultants before, I can easily say Mark has been the best of the lot and the way he probed me about my career with his quick wit went a long way in setting the framework for my essays.

After strategizing, I worked with an editor, Tiffany Chen. Her inputs completely changed the shape of my essays. The way she gave me a holistic overview of my essays and the manner of getting them together showing a long term progression transformed my essays. More than anything, since I was running close to my deadline, she was super quick and the turnaround time for all the edits was superb.

Eventually, I was really happy with the way the essays turned out and have recommended all my friends to work with Admissionado!

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