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TLDR: SBC is a partnership that prepares you like no other consulting firm. From the moment I joined to the moment I received my acceptance to HBS, I know I sent my best application to each school because of my relationship and partnership with SBC and Margaret.

I started by reading reviews and calling several companies, looking for the best “fit” consulting firm. After several days of research, I narrowed my search to two consulting firms: SBC and mbaMission, setting up initial consultations with both firms. My stats were slightly under the ballpark for the M7 schools, but I thought I had a compelling story. It was important to have a consulting company help me hone my unique story, a difficult task with only 300-500 words per essay. After both conversations, I felt a strong connection with the team at SBC. They exuded confidence, and took a real look at my background during the initial consult (some firms provide only minimal advice during the free consultation). SBC provides several potential consultants, and you select the one that best suits you and your background. My consultant was Margaret, who helped me excel during the application process. She became a true partner very early on and helped me reach my near impossible dream of being admitted into HBS.

In every aspect of the application, from the intense research to the hundreds of edits, I saw tremendous growth in my essay writing and in my application package. Through SBC, I was able to shape a genuine narrative about my background and my future goals. On the day I received my HBS acceptance, I called my family and then immediately called Margaret, a testament to the strong partnership we developed during the application process.

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