September 12, 2012

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Great Service but Hard to find!


The testing center was a bit hard to find. I looked for it the day before and it took 45 minutes to find so make sure you know where it is before test day. (4190 Lougheed Hwy suite 103) Inside the Lougheed commerce center! Call them and they will come open the door for you.

Staff was very polite and helpful throughout the whole process. Noise was not an issue but you can hear things so its not completely silent. Did not have any issue with external sound issues. You are given foam earplugs which are quite comfortable but by the end they did irritate my ears towards the last 20 min of the verbal section.

The staff provided a new scratch board after every section even AWA when I had barely anything on one page. 2 pens were provided for every section the first one never even ran out so that was good. There was a small analog clock to keep track of break times, would have been better if there was digital but not really an issue.

Definitely would take the test here again. BC drivers licence is fine for BC resident otherwise passport.

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