June 06, 2022

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Accepted to INSEAD, thank you Melissa Joelson !


After a terrible experience with a local consultant resulting in getting rejections from multiple MBA programs, I started researching an admissions consulting firm which could keep up with the high standards that top universities expect.
I approached two companies. The first one claiming to be the most prominent in the industry, they avoided even the free consultation that they advertise and they just sent me some emails, an approach I did not like at all so I did not pursue with them. The second company was Fortuna. I had a thorough conversation with Matt, and eventually I decided to apply to INSEAD with Fortuna.
The consultant I was appointed was Melissa Joelson. Melissa played a huge role in my eventual acceptance to INSEAD. First of all, we had many 1 on 1 zoom conversations throughout the process which I believe were much better and efficient than a mere exchange of emails and allowed for better communication, bonding etc.
Second, she made sure that every achievement that I had made throughout my life was well portrayed. There were several times that I would mention an action/achievement that I thought was unimportant, but she would insist on including it and explained what positive impact it could have on my application.
In addition, she made sure every paragraph, sentence and word was properly crafted and up to the high standard that the Adcom is waiting to see. If you decide to work with her be prepared to revise each and every part of the application multiple times before reaching the desirable result. She will also make sure that everything is on point well before the deadline. We submitted the application in less than a month, a request I had made when we started our cooperation.
Overall, Melissa made sure that we presented the best version of myself to the Adcom. The worst thing a candidate could do is not have a personal “id” in their essays, a faceless piece of writing that will just pile up to thousands of rejections. Melissa made sure that through the essays I showed INSEAD who I am and what is special about me so that INSEAD considered and accepted me.
Melissa was also truly committed to our cause, during and after the application process, providing me with her opinion regarding any questions that troubled me. It was the only application that I submitted and was 100% confident that I would secure a spot. I just knew that there was not a single reason why I should be denied, as everything was so well thought out and written beautifully and professionally.

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