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September 01 | 2013
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I started my preparation around 4 months ago. I can't afford to prepare for GMAT around the clock so I spent approx. 2 hours a day.
Initially, I went through all Manhattan guides and OG. However, my score was floating around 570-600 points. And like many others non-natives I was bogged down mainly in the verbal section. Actually, I did several mock tests and all of them indicated my verbal scores at a level near 18-22.

A month ago I took real GMAT and, surprise again, I scored only 570 (Q42 V26). Honestly, it was not a surprise for me at all as I felt that I still stumbled over the same questions. Over and over again. It meant that I didn't pay much attention to certain aspects and didn't learn from my mistakes.

Then I decided to follow a more consistent approach. I bought Economist GMAT Tutor. The most important factor that influenced my decision is that EGT addapts the difficulty of questions and their topics to your current progress. It seemed it was exactly what I needed.

I have been studying with EGT just over a month, but I already feel how my verbal skills have improved (according to recent report, in EGT my current verbal percentile is 78%)
I should mention that initially I started to study the verbal section only, leaving the quant section for the end. Well, I still don't know whether it was the right decision. Anyway, as soon as I finished all theoretical parts of the verbal section (my current progress in verbal is around 85%), I started the quant section (now I passed almost 45% of it).

So my review may be considered rather subjective.

Pros and cons.
1. Very helpful instructors. They reply usually within 24 hours with comprehensive responses
2. Difficulty of questions adapts to your level.
3. Very friendly interface.
4. EGT has iPad version so I can study anywhere anytime.
5. The language that EGT uses is not sophisticated, but rather playful and friendly.
6. A lot of questions.

1. You can't track your progress. If you need to know your current EGT percentile, you need to ask for it from an instructor. Every time. All you can see is how much time you have spent on preparation. Not a very useful option for GMAT taker.
2. VERY FEW RC articles. I think EGT offers not more than 20 of them. On the other hand, there are plenty of questions for every section (including RC).

To support my opinion I'll write my recent score reports from several test centers.

A week after starting my preparation with EGT I took an EGT test, which showed me that I scored 620 (V35 Q41).
But what was more impressive for me was that I had 650 (V33 Q47) at an official GMAT Prep.

I still have almost 50% of quant.section and 15%, which consists only of questions, not theory, of the verbal section ahead, but I can say that this product helped me a lot.

UPDATE: Yesterday I took EGT mock test and scored 690 (Q49 V37)!! Unbelievable!

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