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I had never done a standardized test similar the GMAT before I decided to undergo a gruesome GMAT training for my business school application. Needless to say I felt daunted from the get go. Compound that with a busy work schedule and being out of school for quite a few years, I really needed some proper guide to prepare for the GMAT.
After scouring the internet for reviews of GMAT training courses, I eventually settled for MGMAT’s 9 weeks live online course. I chose the program mainly because I needed a structured study schedule that would instill discipline to my routine. Long story short, the course worked and I was able to get my grades to 700+.
My class was Saturday noon and the entire class consisted of 5 students. Chris Peckover was our instructor. Chris was very patient with us and really made an effort to break down the teachings to us in a simple yet entertaining manner. As a math geek, Chris was also the most alive when we went over the quant materials. Over the 2+ months that I attended the classes, I can definitely feel the value adds from taking the classes. For example, in doing the quant questions, Chris taught us quite a few short cuts and neat tricks which I found useful on the exam, though I underestimated the values of such when I originally learned them in class.
My message for people reading reviews, trying to decide whether to attend such class is this: if you have a busy life and are in need of quick and efficient ways to prepare for the GMAT in a disciplined manner, I would recommend the 9 weeks online class. The classes is a great source for you to get your scores up to 700+ by undergoing a structured routine and taking advantage of your instructor’s expertise. The interactive classes are, in my opinion, better than self-study classes because you get to experience the instructors, which are MGMAT’s (and Veritas’s) best resources.

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