April 03, 2012

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700 Q45 V40

Was the test center conveniently located? :yes
Was it easy to find?:yes
Were the staff polite and respectful?: Yes, but unprofessional
Were there proper facilities and restrooms? :yes
What was the noise level from external sources (street, lights, A/C, etc)? :low to medium
Why would you retake the test here?:No,never

After finishing my AWA, I took my 8 minute break. I went outside, took a walk, came back and when there were almost 20 seconds left for the Verbal section to start, I pressed RESUME. And what do I see? A stupid windows screen asking for the Device Manager’s password. I raised my hand and waited for the instructor to come. I could see the clock eating away time from my Quant section. Tired of holding my hand up, I knocked on the glass door loudly and fortunately, a passerby(not an employee) saw me and ran to alert the instructors. By the time the instructor arrived, I had lost around 2 minutes of my time, add to that the time the instructor took to enter his password, and leave the room. Then by the time I realized what was going on, I skipped the instruction screen and came to my exam screen. I had lost some 3 minutes of my time and started to panic. I don’t even remember what the questions were like in the beginning and during the middle of the exam I was some 9 minutes behind the target time of 2 minutes per question. I raised my hand to ask for a new scratch sheet and again tired of holding up my hand, I knocked on the glass door loudly, and the lazy instructors arrived. I had lost my confidence and the thought that I had struggled with the Quant timing during my practice test kept popping up in my head and somehow with great effort I was able to keep my emotions of anger, worry and fear at rest while I wrote the exam. Henceforth I stopped looking at the time and concentrated. But by the time I reached the end I was in panic state again and was reading and guessing since I had no time.

I took my eight minute break after Quant, kept my feelings to myself, didn’t share them with the instructors/management outside, and utilized the time to motivate myself. I went to the washroom, spoke to myself in the mirror, and asked myself to give all that I have to Verbal since it was my only hope. I took an extra scratch pad in advance to be safe (and prevent the arm-ache that I would have experienced) and started my Verbal. I kept giving myself little pep talks whenever I felt scared. I finished within time and got my scores.

After the exam I went to speak to the management outside and they asked me my score and reacted as if I was a geek to complain about my scores because in their 4 year career at the centre, they knew of only one other person who got more than 700. I lost it that time and told him that he is nobody to pass comments on my scores or how perfect I want them to be. His senior informed me that he, himself was informed too late about the issue and although could have added a few additional minutes to my Quant to my time, didn’t do so because he didn’t want to disturb me further. Typing all this here makes me realize how ridiculous the entire staff was. I told him I will file a complaint with please guide me with this) and he said he will too inform VUE that it was their fault.
I will be going back to them to get proper documentation done for the complaint.

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