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Having attended a few free seminars of a different company, I was completely convinced that it was the one for me. Then I came across GMATClub and registered on it. That is how I got a free trial of GMATWhiz and I randomly went through a few video lectures. And a few video lectures of the competitor too, which are equally good in terms of content. However, one thing that made me choose GMATWhiz over the other was the UI, being a software engineer myself. The UI is clean , the AI engine is amazingly good, and on top of that there are mentors available always. Hence I decided that it'll be GMATWhiz for me, even though there were fewer reviews. I spoke to Piyush, he's superbly busy, but I explained him that I was in a hurry to choose a course, because I thought I was running out of time for R1. After speaking to him, I was convinced, and I didn't even need any other opinions. Next day I started with the crash course(I actually joined it a week later than the start date) and then began my journey of GMAT prep. I loved the way concepts are laid out, easier things first, gradually increasing the difficulty such that at the end of the concept, one wouldn't even realize that the last attempted question was a 700 level one. For verbal CR and RC, its all about building ability, ability to think in a way managers or someone in a leadership role would think. Something that they call pre-thinking. It's hard to grab these things in the beginning, but I think everyone should trust the process. Solving questions will initially take time, but one shouldn't be concerned about that. For instance, my RC was weak initially. Shreyyash from GMATWhiz, who was also my mentor, suggested me to take a good amount of time to solve RC. As a result, I was taking 10-15 minutes to solve RCs during the learning stage. It helped me so much that during the practice phase, I was attempting RCs with 80% accuracy within 6 minutes and I was actually enjoying RCs. Moreover, the crash course has the weekend classes. The live classes were amazing with Sunita Singhvi, who's one of the best in her job and is also the sweetest mentor and she takes each and every question no matter how silly it is. Then there's Saquib who knows it all about QUANT, the different question types, the traps and everything you can expect in GMAT Quant. I never felt the need to look at other courses to supplement my knowledge. It was only GMATWhiz and the official content (along with the official mocks). By the end of the practice phase, I was scoring well into 700s. In the last few mocks my scores were actually 710, 720, 730 and a 770. That's how prepared I was. Even when I wasn't having the best of days and when I knew I hadn't done well enough, I scored a 680 in that mock, with a Q51. I finally decided to take the GMAT and booked the date. Again during the exam itself, I knew it wasn't my best, but I still got a 710. That's how this course (along with my own hard work, of course :) ) made me. Without a doubt, it has been one of my best investments ever. I'll definitely recommend GMATWhiz to everyone looking for something personalized just for themselves. Everyone is different and people have different abilities. The AI will customize the course exactly for you. I think no two persons are the same, and GMATWhiz has done well to address that exact issue!!!!

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