September 25, 2019

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It was euphoric end to 2012 with a 760 on the GMAT.


Improvement 100 Points

Course Crackverbal GMAT Verbal Course

Instructor Arun Jagannathan

Location Online

I started preparing for the GMAT with the ambition of getting a 700+ score.

I gave myself three full months starting mid-August 2012. Soon, I realised that I was comfortable with Quant but needed to develop a GMAT-specific approach for the Verbal section. I left a query on the CrackVerbal website and was sent links
to their free lectures. In those lectures, I found that Arun's insights on tackling the Verbal section were exactly what I was looking fo. I signed up to their course. Combined with the OG, these lectures helped me cultivate right mindset and approach for the Verbal section in GMAT.

As the exam date got closer, I focussed on refining my approach and spent more time on analysing the wrong questions than on practicing new questions. I would post my doubts on the CrackVerbal forum and Gowri from the CrackVerbal team would promptly resolve them.

In the end, I secured a 760 (Q50, V41) on the GMAT and was very happy with my score.

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