January 02, 2016

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Ryan Barba is determined to get you into your top choice


I would highly recommend Stacy Blackman's comprehensive consulting services. Although I can only speak for the consultant who worked with me (Ryan Barba), I am sure all of Stacy Blackman’s consultants are on par with Ryan’s level of excellence.

I researched consulting services extensively (having a first-contact call with 4 of the top consulting firms) and I would definitely choose Stacy Blackman and Ryan Barba again if I had to go through the same process. They were the first company to get back to me and arrange a quick call with me. Their methodology, staff and availability are incredibly helpful. You will typically be working with your consultant for weeks or months, and during that time you will exchange emails almost daily, so it is important to make sure that there is affinity between you and your consultant. In that regard, Ryan was patient, understanding, and determined to get the very best application.

I secured great offers of admissions into 3 out of 4 programs (all top 20) I applied to using Stacy Blackman's consultancy services. Initially, I was only hoping to get 1 or maybe 2 offers in a best-case scenario, and of course, I ruled out any offer with scholarship. However, the success I garnered has far exceeded all my expectations, and it has been partly thanks to Ryan Barba. I would like to emphasize his help through the essays, the mock interview, his availability and his turnaround times.

There is no doubt that one of the great decisions that got me into a top business school was choosing Stacy Blackman’s comprehensive consulting services, and especially Ryan’s execution and delivery of those services! How else would an international male with average stats from unknown schools and 5 years of experience from an unknown company would get into a top 10 school with a merit scholarship??

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