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I signed up for The Economist GMAT Tutor because I prefer to learn by reading rather than watching videos, and it seemed more convenient to do an online prep program than have to worry about hauling MGMAT books around with me everywhere.

In general I was quite happy with the course. Explanations for concepts are well done, and I felt that I got good practice with the concepts.

A few points to consider:
The real value from the course comes, I think, from being able to ask instructors questions about individual questions or concepts. In the beginning, responses to my questions took a long time…in one case I waited over a week for a response. However, this improved and for the last several months I was getting answers within 24 hours…in some cases, the responses came in less than an hour. So, once the slow response problem was solved, I was quite happy with it.

Something that could be improved is automatically reviewing past concepts. As I worked through the course, some review questions were included, but mostly we worked on new concepts. I guess I needed to individually select the concepts I wanted to work on…but if I'm paying for a program based upon a "smart" algorithm, I feel like it should do it for me. Part of why I paid for the course was so I wouldn't have to make decisions for myself about my prep. Perhaps they could include an option to choose between a "review" session and a "learning" session.

In sum, I was quite happy with the course and would recommend it, but (like pretty much everything) it isn't perfect. I still found myself supplementing the course with work from the OGs or from MGMAT, so for me the course wasn't truly all-inclusive.

I will update this review once I've sat the exam and have my score.

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