March 07, 2020

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Kimberly Ge was fantastic!!


Had got a reject from all b-schools previous year for Full-Time MBA applications. This year I was planning to apply only to 2 schools- Kellogg and Booth for Part-Time MBA. Got admit from Kellogg, so did not apply to Booth :)

Kim helped me
-convey story in my essays
-refine my resume which was earlier nowhere close to what bschools expect
-prepare for interview with sample questions and how to structure answers clearly
Kim was very patient and I took time to come up with improvement in my essays. I dealt with her from Oct 2019 to Feb 2020. Her suggestions brought clarity in my essays. She responded proactively to any quick questions I emailed her. She also suggested on what points from my profile should be emphasized and which ones to be hidden to provide the best possible version of myself. Without her help, my applications materials would have been vague, confusing and difficult to understand by adcom.

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