April 22, 2020

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Melissa helped make my dream school happen!


Working with Melissa was an absolute pleasure and was worth every penny spent. I truly believe I wouldn't have gotten in without her help.

She helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses for applying to specific schools, and proactively helped to find ways to cover off those weaknesses and exemplify strengths without being boastful - both of which helped make me more competitive in the admissions process.

Melissa is also excellent at helping make your essay writing as efficient as possible. This helps get more information into your essays while still ensuring it all tells a holistic story. She is really helpful at connecting the dots of your candidacy into personal themes that are also relevant to the school you're applying to.

Finally, she's extremely proactive and responsive to questions specific to your situation. There are no stock answers - everything is tailored to you.

I highly recommend MBA applicants consider her as their consultant.

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