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It has been almost 6 months since I gave my GMAT. I still remember kick-starting my GMAT preparation in 2015. A month into reading through the OG, I knew I was lost. I could not make sense of what was required. Verbal was not the old school section. Quant was more than time intensive. I felt the lack of direction. However, due to personal issues, I decided to give GMAT a break. I re-initiated my GMAT preparation in 2016 when my friend motivated me to pursue my dream - MBA. Not knowing where to begin, I researched and googled, only to be flooded by plethora of options, each claiming to be the best. Lost again, I reached out to my friend who guided me towards GMAT CLUB. There was no turning back thereafter. Albeit slow, my progress continued. The forum helped me filter courses, identify solutions and made available to me, some of the hardest questions round quant. The best part was the GMAT CLUB Test. I received access to these tests as part of a course I had purchased. These tests became the best means for me to assess my current standing. Blended with some amazing analytics, the tests helped me keep a track of my progress and improve. It was then and it is today. Although, I couldn't achieve 700+, I still continue to use GMAT tests and the forum to practice in my endeavor to meet my target.

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