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Quant improvement with EmpowerGmat

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After combing through almost every prep company on Gmat Club and using up each ones free trial I still wasn't very convinced any of them would work for me. Then I read a few reviews on EmpowerGmat, it seemed like they weren't as well known as other companies but after seeing all the useful posts by Rich I signed up for the 24 hours free trial and loved it.

I purchased the 3 month access plus both GmatPrep packs. I was consistently scoring well in Verbal but my quant scores were keeping me from breaking 700. I began by just doing the lessons in order for the first modual but after getting through Algerbra and SC I moved all my focus on quant lessons. The videos by Rich and especially the step by step video solutions really helped solidify the concepts for me. I was one of the ones who knew how to do a quant problem but I couldn't consistently do them the Gmat way in under 2 minutes. Rich's videos especially the ones were he shows multiple approaches to the same problem really helped me hone in on shortcuts and made me stop overthinking. In the end I went from a Q43 from my self study first attempt to a Q48 allowing me to break the 700 barrier and end with a 750.

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