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MGMAT -- Good


I took the MGMAT 9 week class prep course and all the online classroom recordings are available to me as part of the package I purchased. They are great but not as great as in class instructors.

In my opinion, unless you really need tips and strategies, one can do just fine with MGMAT + OG books. I mean, MGMAT class really was all about forcing me to study 30-40 hrs every week on homework. Most of the stuff they went over in class was strategy and tips. If you think these in class prep classes are going to teach you everything, including fundamentals, you are mistaken.I found this hard fact after spending $1400 in the course.

So to elaborate on MGMAT - my personal opinions:

* What did I expect from MGMAT 9 week course and was I satisfied with the program?
I thought for $1400 or whatever they charged me, I expected the course to teach me EVERYTHING, including the fundamentals in both math and verbal. However, this wasn't the case. The 9 week course is more about teaching you strategy for GMAT and also to provide overview of each section. You are expected to do all the studying on your own based on their syllabus. BTW - the syllabus is so unrealistic. No way in hell I can work FT and get all the stuff done.

You also get those online classes ($900 or so) as part of the 9 week course. Those recordings are boring and not as effective as class lectures. However, learning the GMAT strategy alone can increase your score by 70 to 100 pts in my opinion. So if that's worth it for you, then take either the online course or in class course. Otherwise, just buy MGMAT books and study by yourself. that's what their syllubus makes you do anyway.

* What's the quality of the lecturer in classes?
My lecturer was top notch. She had Stanford UG and Harvard MBA. She knew what she was teaching and her lectures were vivid and fun most of the time.

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