March 18, 2018

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Going to Rice on scholarship thanks to Lisa!


I worked with Lisa for a few months and she mostly helped me with my essay and interview prep. I'm really grateful to have her since I didn't realize how out of my depth I was until I signed up. When it came to the essays, Lisa was great at making my papers sound very well articulated while preserving my voice. We did a couple mock interviews too and she was able to help me address my weak spots; I received positive feedback from all of my interviews.

I applied to three Texas schools (UT, Rice, A&M) since I knew for sure I wanted to be in Texas post-MBA. With Lisa's help I ended up getting scholarships to A&M and Rice, and waitlisted at UT. I learned during my MBA journey that it is incredibly difficult for someone with my stats to get scholarship money to UT had I gotten in, and I probably wouldn't be able to stomach the full tuition anyway, so I'm not too miffed about it.

I highly recommend Lisa. Her invaluable help cannot be emphasized enough. Aside from the essay and interview prep, Lisa was available to answer any question I had no matter how trivial regarding the admissions process. The cool thing about Lisa is that she was a former adcom for A&M and Rice, so she knew a lot of ins and outs about the programs. My only regret is that I didn't start working with SBC sooner during my cycle!

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