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GMAT Course Review
MGMAT Self-Study Prep!
January 24 | 2012
     By nutsngum 47 5

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This is a great refresher course for people who have learned the basics of Math/Verbal techniques but need a good brush up.

MGMAT does an excellent job of summarizing key concepts that you'll need, then applying them to how you will see them on the GMAT. It covers enough topics to be comprehensive without going into too much detail you'll never need to know.

The best part about this program in my opinion are the CAT exams that MGMAT provides. The explanations that they provide to debrief your exam are outstanding, and really help ingrain the reasons as to why you got the question wrong, or how you could have approached it more efficiently.

I would highly recommend this program to those who are diligent with self-study and would like to work on their own schedules.

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