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If you choose purchasing advising service I highly recommend Aringo. They are well organized and work professionally. Since the price is not negletable I would say that if you have the time and energy you might be able to write the application forms by yourself, but be sure that you'll work harder and will have to find what the schools want to know about you and how to present it.

The process was stressful for me, I was emotionally invested into it and it had it toll. My adviser, Gwen, did well in soothing my fears by pointing out and reminding me what are my key strengths. She taught well me how to write and how to "sell" my story better. It is something I'll carry with me.

Bottom line - with Aringo's help I've been accepted to two out of two schools, they have made good work in consulting me, and I'm sure they'll do great job for anyone else.

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